This is another week gone by and I am still excited about the direction that I am going.  I am here in Huntsville, AL with my oldest son David visiting with he and my daughter-in-law Allison. David is the computer programmer who has come a long way from 10 years ago.  He loves what he does and I am proud of him.  He is working on helping me manage my website better and more efficiently.  This is great because my Jessi is so busy and  getting ready to go in different directions like all 17 years old do. I am simply proud to have her and David who help me to share the things that I want to share with the world.  Thanks to both of them.

My journey continues as covenantangel.    I find myself passionately talking about Exfuze because that is the direction that I am headed.  My concerns have been about my family and WHY they have not chosen to jump in on the band wagon.  Patience!  Everything in its own time is what the Spirit speaks to me.  My son David has been on the product now for about 2 weeks.  He tells me that even though no measurable weight loss, he has lost some inches.  This is awesome.  More than this, his wife is considering becoming a Challenge Customer as well.  Another daughter-in-law has begun the challenge about 4 weeks ago.  My daughter is a distributor and is using the ShapeWay as is her spouse and one of her daughters.  I say all this to say that I am blessed abundantly.  My family is beginning to see results in me so they are interested.  Seeing is becoming a believer.  Think about it…there are so many promises about weight loss or management over the airways…it is difficult to decipher the scams. I have watched a mutual friend at work, who began ‘weight watchers’ at the same time in which I began ShapeWay.  She has lost about 40 pounds to my 45 pounds. (relative to my loss)  I cannot say that she has the energy that I have and from observation she ‘looks unhealthy’.  We must remember that weight loss is not the same as weight management.  One can lose pounds and get skinny, but to manage that weight loss and remain in a healthy state…this is what Exfuze wants to accomplish.  HEALTH AND WELLNESS!  This is our prime directive with ALL our products.
I was listening to my oldest son discussing mediocrity and how people simply needed to  jump out there and do the impossible.  He said “How do you know  it is impossible if you have never done the possible”.  I think that he had read my blog on angelonamission.  He was speaking to what I had written.  I have enjoyed being a nurse for the past 40+ years but I discover now it is time to reach the numbers before they become ill.  Our economy and our health care system is failing.  We must educate our society to the point that they do not rely on our doctors to get them well.  Wellness begins with the individual.  It goes back to a choice that we make.  I realize that when we are children we must eat what our parents place in front of us.  This is why we must reach the parents.  90% of all illness and disease processes can be eliminated by the individual achieving a healthy state in their lifestyle.  Any doctor or professional would have to agree with this.  Many will not because this would affect their productivity and financial gains. I am just so tired of seeing people suffer when it is not necessary.  I am so tired of seeing people hurting with pains that could be eliminated without medication. I am not certain if society is ready to hear what I am saying but I will speak out anyway.  I cannot change my past 40+ years when I should have been shouting this out but I can redirect my future.  I plan to be healthy and teach those whom I love to become healthy as well.
I have to chuckle at myself sometimes because my entire outlook has changed for my future. I find that many things simply do not matter to me anymore…that is ‘things’…or foods.  Relationships matter more than anything else.  I care about family and I care about people.  I continue to read the prayer of Jabez each day…I have it memorized:
Lord…bless me Father
Enlarge my territory.
Keep your hands upon me (guide me)
That I may not cause pain.
Whether it be enlarging my territory within the family or into the world in general…Father bless me so that I may be a blessing to others.  Mediocrity is not acceptable in my life anymore.  I am tired of living from pay check to pay check.  I am tired of not having enough.  I am tired of not being able to provide assistance to the needy when the call comes in.  I find that the enemy does not wait for an opportune time to play his folly.  He roams about the airways to manipulate and stir up where he can.  We must be attentive to his devious ways and stand firm in what we know.  How does this fit?
 The attention of the masses is on
‘oh my! oh me! I need! It is his fault!  The government owes us!
I cannot do that!  I  want!
Isn’t it about time that we took responsibility for ourselves?  It is not Obama’s job to keep me well.  It is not Obama’s job to support me.  First of all God is my source for health and wellness and wealth!  We must take our eyes off of everyone else who we can blame and begin to look to our provider.  

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HE is my source.  What about you?
Continue to journey through the Word with me: 
7/15: 2 Chronicles 21-24; Mark 1-3; Matthew 25-28; Psalms 18-24
7/22: 2 Chronicles 35-36; Ezra 1-10; Nehemiah 1-2; Psalms 25-31; Mark 4-10