Faith in the LORD

When we think about the ‘land’ we think of a country or such but what is the land? Our spirits are encased into earthen vessels. We are the land! As we see His face and humble ourselves…turning from our wicked ways, He WILL heal our land. WOW…is this revelation or is it revelation?

This has been an awesome week for me in my journey. I allowed the enemy to play havoc with my mind for a bit, and then I was reminded that Jesus gave me…this earthen vessel…the authority and power to tread on serpents and ALL evil schemes. I stopped myself from allowing thoughts to enter my mind and I declared the angels to go before me and do whatever was necessary. I am not perfect and yes I make mistakes, but God will make a way where there is no way. He will open doors where there were no doors. Then I found myself chuckling when He actually did it! WOW…is this doubt? Yes I believe that there is a measure of ‘Thomas’ in all of us but as we walk the path of our journey, we become more focused on the reality of who we are. I know that I am more focused with each obstacle that comes before me.

We were praying for my friend Beverly who had been attacked hard by the enemy. She is back at work; in fact she is now on her honeymoon in Jamaica. God was faithful and answered our prayers. The list in endless on what He has done for me. This blog could not cover it all.

At work this week, I cared for a wonderful patient who has a failing body. You know this earthen vessel does tend to wear out…Especially when we do not take care of it. With the help of some wonderful doctors he is on the way to recovery. Obstacles! They are placed in front of us as warning signs, or stop signs to slow us or turn us around. I know that my diagnosis of cancer in 2009 was a BIG warning sign. What must I do to change was the big question. I shared this with the family of this gentleman as I have many others since. My health is the greatest commodity that I have. It is the greatest tool to fight against the ailing body that the enemy wishes to destroy.

Our bodies are the TEMPLE of the Living God. This is where Jesus resides and we must take care of it.
When I learned that my health was failing I was introduced to Exfuze and the rest is history. I want to share it with everyone. I firmly believe that everyone on the face of the earth should be using the products that we offer. I have used it for over 2 years now. ShapeWay I have used for 6 months with tremendous results. One of my associates posted this diagram on Facebook that tells why I do what I do. All of our products go towards a healthy regimen which results in weight loss. When you lose fat your body begins to correct ALL the disease processes that are working against you. It is a process and does not happen overnight but neither did you get unhealthy overnight…it is a process and a changed way of life.

This is only an example, but I assure you that if you try our products you will become a changed person with a better chance of facing those obstacles a little bit longer. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. Let’s grow together.

Continue to share in the revelation of the WORD as we walk each day!

Till Next week or so. Sorry that I missed one but God is still on the THRONE.