Continue to share in the revelation of the WORD as we walk each day!

Some people walk through the woods, others walk through the Word.

I begin this blog with the Word, because God has been so good to me. There are not enough words to express His goodness.

Have you stopped to think that this year is flowing faster than it ever has before? At the blink of an eye…time passes us by. Life is too short to miss anything. We must take advantage of every opportunity we have to share our lives with our family and our friends. The joy of life is ‘living it’.

I have tried for many years to lose the ‘extra pounds’ that middle age had added to my body, and since I began taking the ShapeWay product I have actually lost 33 pounds+ and 21”. You cannot imagine how this makes me feel. I walk straighter and taller because I am beginning to feel good about myself. My size has reduced from an extra large to a medium. I have begun walking 4miles at the gym before work in the mornings and this makes my day an awesome one with energy levels increased abundantly. My efforts to share this with those around me seem to be limited because people do not want to spend their precious money on ‘weight management’ stuff!

I have found myself observing people more. When I am at a restaurant, or at the hospital, or walking down the street…I see people and have realized that the majority of those whom I see are ‘obese’. I do not mean to be critical but it is an observation. I have been there but I have made a conscious choice to change my lifestyle. Yes, it is a lifestyle change that must be by choice. My Oncologist found me a couple of days ago and gave me a big hug. He stopped long enough to make mention, “I have not seen you lately. You have not been back to see me…in the office” I told him that I did not need to see him as I was feeling GREAT and had no health issues. He does not seem to comprehend that God has brought me through and my health is in HIS hands. I must take care of this TEMPLE.

I discipline my physical man and feed it to keep it healthy. I also discipline my spirit man and feed it the Word of God each day with my Walk through the Bible. These BOTH go hand in hand to make the person known as Covenantangel. It is only by the GRACE of God that I have been brought this far. What will it take to share this with my friends and family???? I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me through these next few months…as I know time is of essence. Life is too short!

We do not know how long our journey in the world will be. Our name could be called today or tomorrow so life is toooo short to settle for anything less than peace, love and joy. If you cannot get there, stop and take a deep breath and keep walking. It is there, simply pursue it and take it by force.

Work has been very busy lately as the patients we have are very, very sick. Seems as though they are sicker by the time they arrive to us. Staffing is not great and the work load has increased. But, when I stop and think…I have a job as some folks do not have jobs. This is one of the many ways that God has blessed me. I believe that the ‘market place’ is the essence of my ministry. A life lived in the midst of others is the candle in the shadows of darkness. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a light.

As I turn my clocks up tonight I remember that life overtakes us quickly! It will pass us by if we are not certain of who we are and where we are going.

Philippians 3:14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.